Abid Islam is a Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur, and Content Creator. He was born on 4th May 2003. He belongs to Chittagong, Bangladesh. He got his early education from Baitul Izzat Border Guard Public School, Chittagong. It is a good educational institute that has given a good foundation to Abid Islam.   He has completed his Intermediate from Ispahani Public College, Abid Islam has started studying BBA at Daffodil International University He started his career as a blogger and Youtuber at a very early age. The basic content of his blogs is about technology, IT, gaming, phones, and recent trends. He started his career in blogging at the age of 15 and aspired to dream big. His site displays his tech passion in the content of blogs. His blogs are filled with the fountain of digital knowledge and such diverse knowledge is showing his intellect at such a tender age.

He started his blogging career in his early youth and has created good content on his website. Abid Islam right now is the most successful blogger in Bangladesh. He is almost 18 now and has lots of websites. He has created digital content with a wide range of information. Such a wide range of topics are found on his sites and it has been incredibly compiled. He is the youngest blogger in Bangladesh. The credit goes to his dream of becoming successful and to his family.

His site has good information about recent phones and gaming trends. His intellect has the edge to write adequately about IT news with a professional touch. Both on his blogging site and Facebook, informative content is available about current international and national news. That shows the intellectual mind of the young blogger who always wants to update. Abid Islam has also written about blogging for other bloggers to provide good guidelines.

He has recently started his YouTube channel. It has just started, however, Abid Islam is committed to making purposeful and informative content on his channel. He has planned to give video format to the content already found on his sites. The main aim is to make an educational video with the help of current trends. Abid Islam has a different vision of the digital world that has been evident on his blog.

Abid Islam is just 18 years old and he likes music and traveling like any teenager. However, his vision of life is different from others. He started writing blogs that are related to technology and trending IT booms. He aims at owning an IT firm and he is paving his way to it. A young lad has found a way to realize his dream.

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