Who Is Abid Islam ?

Abid Islam is a Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur, and Content Creator. He is currently managing Ai Tech which is a Digital marketing company . Abid is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in Bangladesh.

Abid Islam has presented himself as the dreamer boy who aims to be a successful digital creator. A digital creator aims at giving information through digital ways like blogging, social media, and videos. He has made good blogs and spread digital information. He has a keen eye for current affairs and discusses those in a logical way on his blogs and social media pages.

Early life and education

Abid was born in Chittagong, Bangladesh's second-largest city with a population of 5.1 million.  his early and foundational education and training at Baitul Izzat Border Guard School, Chittagong. Further, he studied in South Asian School till 2019, then he continued his studies in the Ispahani Public School and College from 2019 to 2021.Abid is currently a university student at Daffodil International University, where he studies Marketing.

Content Creation

At the age of  14, Abid began his career in content creation at a very early youth, and he is currently present on various platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. This passion of content creation will grow and be later expanded to a passion for writing and entrepreneurship.

Business career :

Still a university student, Abid decided to early penetrate the universe of entrepreneurship by launching his company Ai Tech, where he provides digital Marketing service, and his website abidulilsam.com where he writes articles related to digital marketing, entrepreneurship, and business.

Other activities

Apart from being an entrepreneur, Abid spends so much time doing his hobbies such as writing and composing music.

Blogging success, a 30-page book available on Amazon Kindle is Abid’s gateway to the universe of writing, it’s a book when he explains briefly blogging techniques and hacks for all levels (beginner to advanced), it‘s also a global guide for all what a blogger may need (how to monetize, how to get sponsors) .

Abid is also a verified artist on Spotify, where he shares music he composes, his most popular tracks are “Never Mind”.

 Abid Islam Images/ pictures

Abid Islam Images ,Abid Islam Pictures

Abid Islam Images ,Abid Islam Pictures

Abid Islam Images ,Abid Islam Pictures

Abid Islam Images ,Abid Islam Pictures

Abid Islam Images ,Abid Islam Pictures

Abid Islam Images ,Abid Islam Pictures

Abid Islam Images ,Abid Islam Pictures

Abid Islam Images ,Abid Islam Pictures


1. Who is Abid Islam?

Abid Islam is Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur, and Content Creator 

2. What is Abid Islam's date of birth?

Abid Islam was born on 04th May 2003.

3. Where from Abid Islam?

Abid Islam is from Chittagong, Bangladesh

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