What is Sitemap and how to add it to a blog?

 Has it been time for you to create your website on Google and yet your website has not been able to rank on Google's search engine? Do you know what is Sitemap and how to add it to a Blog? Do you think that without doing technical SEO your website will start ranking? If you do not have much information about all these then it does not matter, I will give you complete information about Sitemap in this article. 

Sitemap is also as old as SEO but so far in 2021, 20% to 30% of bloggers do not know how to properly create sitemap of their website. Some time ago, when the website was started in India, there were some links on the main page of the government website. Which used to indicate different blog posts of the website. That page was called Sitemap. Since then, a lot of changes have happened in the Sitemap.

Sitemap in a way acts as a blueprint for your website and tells Google's crawlers what are the contents of your website? And which series is he engaged in? By using Sitemap, you can make your website easy for Google crawlers. 

If you want to understand both the HTML and XML sitemap of Sitemap well, then do not miss a single point of this article. This article is going to be very interesting for you, so let's start. 

What is Sitemap?

Sitemap, the file that contains the data of all the posts, pages, images, videos, etc. of your website. This file itself is called Sitemap. Through Sitemap, you tell Google's Crawler what is the content of your website? Due to which Google's Spiders are able to easily navigate the content of your website.

There are many bloggers who feel that Sitemap is not important for their website. But let me make it clear to you that it is not like this at all, if you want to rank your website on top, then definitely make a sitemap. 

Notably, Sitemap of these never to crawl Google's Crawlers prevent or if not Sitemap on your Website will not your Website Rank.

Sitemaps push your website to rank on top in the Google search engine.  Now it depends on you that how well you make Sitemap of your website. 

As good as your Sitemap's structure will be as soon Google's Crawler your website navigation will |

Why Sitemap is necessary?

Now you know what is a sitemap? Let us now understand why Sitemap is necessary? If you are doing SEO of your Website definitely add Sitemap because Sitemap does play a very Important Role For Your Website.

Google's spiders keep searching for new content all the time and if they do not get a sitemap on your website, then they get distracted. As a result of that, some important pages of your website are missed and your website is not able to perform well in the search engine. 

If you do not want this to happen and all the pages of your website rank in the Google search engine, then you must make a Sitemap, this will not leave a single page of your website. Sitemap is made for both the users and the crawlers of Google. Just like you can easily reach any place through the map, similarly, the users of your website and the crawlers of Google will be able to reach your website easily. 

Let us understand this better, if you want to go to any other country outside your country and want to see the historic buildings there, then how will you find out? Through Map, right! You will need a map to know about there, then you will be able to know how you have to go and where you will get to see there? 

Similarly, if your website has a sitemap, then your users will also be able to understand your website well.  

Types of Sitemaps

Sitemaps are mainly of two types. 

  • HTML Sitemap
  • XML sitemap

In this article, I will tell you about both what is HTML Sitemap? And what is an XML Sitemap?

HTML Sitemap

HTML Sitemaps are sitemaps that are specially made for users. HTML Sitemap to Users to Experience is designed keeping in mind that Users easily discover the navigation of your Website |  

When you create your website, there is not much need for HTML Sitemap in the beginning, but when your website starts growing then you must create HTML Sitemap because it gives more details about the structure of your website. It is also very good from the point of view of SEO.

Once your HTML Sitemap is submitted to Google Search Console, it becomes visible to your users. This time a User on your Website Visit is so easily she found topic | which he is researching. 

Let's make it easy so to understand the way the related Website any of your News or related website to Fashion, you'll need to create a different category in their website that you own Products in Category Listing which will have to help to understand your Users What's in the category? The result of this will be that whenever users visit your website, they will be able to easily access your product, this will make the experience of your users good towards your website.   

XML sitemap

Most of the bloggers do not know what is XML Sitemap? They start understanding HTML Sitemap as XML Sitemap. Where XML Sitemap is different from HTML Sitemap. Where HTML Sitemap is made for the user, XML Sitemap is made for Google's "Crawlers" or say "Spiders". XML Sitemap is very useful in Technical SEO

XML Sitemap acts as a roadmap for your website as if you have to go to someplace and you do not know the way there, then how will you go? Only through the map, in the same way, when Google's spiders come to your website, they also need a map.

One thing is very important for you to know that when Google's Crawlers visit your website, they have very limited time because they have to go to other's websites and collect information. Now you understand that Google's Spiders have such a limited time and if you have not told about your website properly in that too then it is not good for your website.

By saying properly, I mean that all the pages of your website should be in a series. Like first the main page of the website, then the about us and contact us page, then the category then the subcategory, the subcategory should also have Product 1 and Product 2. These most to represent your Website in front of Google's Crawlers Best Structure is | 

XML Sitemap is not in a simple language for Google's Spiders, it is in the form of Coding. After creating the XML sitemap to Google search console to submit it to as well as the Update is to do. 

Do you know how many types of XML Sitemaps are there? Now, let me tell you there are mainly 6 types of  XML Sitemap.

1Image Sitemap
2Video Sitemap
3Post Sitemap
4Category Sitemap
5News Sitemap
6Page Sitemap

How to Create Sitemap in Blogger and Upload it to Google Search Console?

As you have just learned what is a Sitemap? Why is a Sitemap necessary? But do you know how to create a Sitemap in Blogger? Most bloggers do not know how to add sitemaps to blog? Do you have the same problem with you? Yes, so let me tell you how to create a sitemap and add it to the blog?

First, create a Sitemap Blogger, Search on “Blogger Sitemap”| Then you have to click on the first link you will see of Blogger Sitemap. On clicking, you will come to the page of that website. 

Then you will see Paste the full URL written there. You have to paste whatever your URL (https or www) is there. Your Blogspot.com or Custom Domain can also Use of either of the two | Below that you will get the option of Generate Sitemap

One thing must be kept in mind that first, you have to write a blog post, then generate a sitemap, if you do not do this then you will not get any benefit from the sitemap. 

You have to copy the codes from Blogger Sitemap, then come to your Dashboard and go to the setting there. In the setting, you have to click on search preference. In the search preference, click on Edit in Custom robot.txt and click on Yes, then the code you copied there has to be paste here. Then click on Save changes. 

After that, you have to do some settings by clicking yes in edit in Custom robot header tags. After setting, you must come back to Google search console. You must confirm that the website whose XML Sitemap you are submitting is the same. 

Then the sitemap of your Website will show you. Domain Already shows you there. You just have to write a Sitemap in front of it and submit it, now your Sitemap is ready on Blogger. Let us now know how to create HTML Sitemap in Blogger?

To create HTML Sitemap on Blogger, first, you have to go to the dashboard of Blogger, then click on Pages on the left side. After clicking on Pages, you have to click on New Page. As soon as you click on the new page, you will come to the place where Blogger's post is, there you must write Sitemap on the page. 

After that, you must go to Page Settings and don't allow comments and then you have to do it. Then you will see a code there, you must remove it and instead copy, paste the Sitemap Code in Blank Page.

Then scroll down and come to the very last. If there is any default in HTML field, then remove it and if there is any error then remove it too. 

After that exchange the URL of your blog from http://www.yourblog.blogspot.com. Then you have your HTML Sitemap Your Blog's Header or footer can be found in | 

How to Create a Sitemap in WordPress and Upload it to Google Search Console?

Most bloggers are worried about how to create a sitemap? Especially New Bloggers think that creating Sitemap in WordPress is very complicated but let me make it clear to you that it is not like that at all. Creating a Sitemap in WordPress is easier than Blogger. Let me tell you how to create a sitemap in WordPress?

To create a Sitemap in WordPress, first, you have to go to the WordPress Dashboard and then click on Add new in Plugins. Search Yoast to Install.  After installing it has to be activated. After that on the left side, you will get the option of Search appearance under SEO, you have to click on it. 

On clicking, a page will open in front of you. After that, you have to go to your website and write "/sitemap.xml" in front of the URL, after that you will see that you get many options there. By which you will get your URL changed as well. 

There you will find Post, Pages, Category, and other options. But you have to use Sitemap with Post and Pages only. To take Post and Pages, you have to do some settings, for which you have to come to the dashboard.

Then you have Categories, Tags, Archives, Taxonomies, and Formats disable it and click on Save changes. Save changes You will get the message of saving setting.

Then you have to go back to the same page where you got Pages and Posts. Now you will find that only the option of Page and Post is visible there. Then you have to copy “Sitemap_index.xml”

After that, you must go to Google Search Console, paste what you copied in Sitemap, then submit.

Then you will get a message that your XML sitemap has been generated and successfully submitted. 

If you get to see “could not fetch” after submitting, then there is nothing to worry about, you will wait for 2 to 3 minutes after that refresh it, then you will see success written. This is what I told you to generate and submit XML Sitemap. Now let me tell you how to create HTML Sitemap in WordPress?

To create HTML Sitemap, you have to go to WordPress Plugins. There you have to click on add new and write Simple Site Map in the search bar. The first option you will see is to install that plugin, this process is exactly the same as you do in Play store. One thing I would like to tell you is that it becomes very easy to create HTML Sitemap due to WordPress plugins. You do not get this quality in Blogger. The Plugin did it now Install Activate must | After that you will get the option of simple sitemap on the left side.

After clicking on Simple Sitemap, you will get to see two options, the first option will be Allow and the second will be of Skip. You have to choose the first option. After that, you will go to the pages in the left side and there you have to give the title of your sitemap, after giving the title you will see a (+) sign. 

You have to write Sitemap in the search bar of a plus sign. From there you have to select a Simple Sitemap. This is useful for both your pages and posts. WordPress also has this specialty that you do not have to update the HTML Sitemap, again and again, it is updated automatically.    

FAQ: What is Sitemap?

Sitemap of a website is like a normal map, Where HTML Sitemap and XML Sitemap both are very important. There are many bloggers who feel that they still have not got complete information about Sitemap, so here I will try to answer 3 important questions searched by them. 

  1. How to check if Sitemap is working?

    There are many bloggers who have this confusion that they have made a sitemap but is their sitemap working or not? They do not understand this, for that they do a lot of searches on the internet, but still, they are not able to find it, but now you do not worry because here I am going to tell you how you can check Sitemap? To check the sitemap of your website, you have to write the URL of your website on Google and then write /sitemap.xml next to it, this will allow you to see all the pages of your website, through this you will know that your website is sitemap is working.

  2. What are the tools to create a website sitemap?

    You are making a sitemap for your website, it is fine, but from where will you create a sitemap? Don't know what happened, let me tell you. Here I will tell you 10 important tools to create a sitemap. 

  3. How can I optimize my website's sitemap?

    Most bloggers especially new bloggers do not know how to optimize the sitemap of the website? Here I will tell you 5 such ways through which you will be able to easily optimize the sitemap of your website. 
    First, you should put the structure XML sitemap of your website according to the site section in the Google search console. 
    After that, to optimize the sitemap of your website, you should follow the protocol of sitemaps.org
    To optimize the sitemap of your website, it is most important that you avoid non-200 HTTP status. 
    No indexed URLs should also be avoided to optimize XML Sitemap. 
    To create your sitemap, use such tools and plugins so that they keep updating automatically.

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