Best 3 Web Hosting Services of 2022

 The best web hosting for 2022 are Bluehost, Hostgator, A2hosting. We identified Bluehost as the best WordPress hosting service for most

In today's world where everything is digitalized, businesses are also trying their best to cope up with this fast-paced digital world, making their way in the world of websites, call it a small scale business or a large scale business, Website or Web application plays an important role in the digital world, so does a hosting. Hosting is the primary foundation for your websites, no matter how much you invest in the designs and features of your website, but if your hosting is not appropriate for your website, then all your money spent on the website will be in the drain.

If you want a proper working website with good speed and the best infrastructure to manage your website back-end, you have to invest in the right hosting because hosting will primarily serve visitors.

We need to keep in mind; right hosting means you need to find out which suits best for your website. Sometimes, companies having basic websites with 8 to 10 static pages host their websites on Cloud or Dedicated hosting with the thought that this will be good for their website. In contrast, some E-commerce companies host their websites on shared hosting to save money. In both cases, owners are not aware which will be the right hosting for their website as static websites can be hosted on Shared Hosting, which will save money; also, an E-commerce website must be hosted on Dedicated or cloud for better performance site speed & management wise.

Web hosting is a vital element to power everything online. There are many options available on the market, and this article will help you learn about the various available web hosting choices.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the best option for small businesses, as it means that your website will be stored on a server with multiple other websites, which will be cheaper than the other hostings. In this, the server resources such as RAM(Random Access Memory) and CPU(Central Processing Unit) are shared by all domains. It is the best option for all businesses; overall, it gives different tools which will be helpful such as Emails, WordPress hosting, and Website builders. Shared Hosting is best for a website with less traffic.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting

Website Owners who need a little more control but don't need a dedicated server, VPS hosting is the best option. VPS hosting gives a balanced service between a Shared server and a dedicated server. On VPS Hosting, each website is hosted within its own space in server though it shares a physical server with other users. This hosting gives owners more customization options and storage, but the websites won't handle high traffic.

Dedicated Server Hosting

This hosting gives users control over the server on which their website is stored; here, you rent a whole server, and only your website will be stored on this server. Dedicated Hostings allow the website owner to have whole control over the security and operating system. If you have huge website traffic and website owners who want full control over the server, this hosting is the best option for them; however, it is an expensive option to choose.

Cloud Hosting

You might have heard this term many times, but have you ever wondered what Cloud Hosting is? Let's break it down for you. Cloud hosting allows companies to use as many resources without asking them to build and maintain computing infrastructure. Website downtime chances are less in this type of server as they are spread across several different servers. This hosting is network-based, allowing companies to use computing resources as a benefit.

If you are still confused to choose which company you can opt-in so chill, we have researched the top 3 hosting companies for you where you can find the hosting which suits your online needs.


If you want to start your website or an online shop without having any basic knowledge about coding, then you landed at the correct place. BlueHost got you covered; being amongst the 20 largest web hosts currently hosting over 2 million domains and recommended by WordPress itself, it still never leaves a chance to influence people by providing the best services. From Shared hosting to WordPress to woo-commerce and website tools, Bluehost offers different ranges of products. It provides hosting packages such as free backups, unmetered bandwidth, free SSL, and global CDN at a valued price. Having a blogging site, online store, or website blue host is perfect for your needs.

Bluehost plans include :

  • Automatic latest WordPress installation and updating it at regular intervals to keep it up to date.
  • Easy Drag and Drop Website builder with Stock image library, mobile editing, smart templates, custom CSS, and live editing.
  • WordPress credentials secured configuration.
  • Microsoft 365 email service.

Pros of using Bluehost Hosting

  • Bluehost provides a very simple interface
  • A cost-effective solution for hosting a bunch of WordPress websites.
  • Simplified website building for beginners.
  • 30-Days-Money back guarantee
  • WordPress itself recommends Bluehost
  • Bluehost also provides one free WordPress Website Transfer within 30 days after signing up for a hosting plan.
  • 24x7 Customer Service
  • Best reliable average uptime of 99.95%

Cons of using Bluehost Hosting

  • The renewal rates are higher.
  • Bluehost's cheapest websites come with restrictions such as limited storage space, only free SSL certificates available as a security feature, and only a single website is allowed. 

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Hostgator is the oldest web hosting company since 2002 provides services such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated web hosting, cloud hosting with a reliable average uptime of 99.93%. It offers three dedicated plans for shared hosting: free WordPress or cPanel website transfer, unmetered bandwidth, and a free SSL Certificate, free domain for one year. Hostgator also provides hosting services for WordPress and also provides website building services, unlike Bluehost.

Let's discuss the pros and cons of Hostgator.

Pros of using Hostgator

  1. The Control panel is user friendly
  2. SEO Gears is provided to users as a satisfactory add-on.
  3. Hostgator delivers a fair page load time of 707 ms.
  4. 24x7 Active and quick Customer Support
  5. 45-day money-back guarantee
  6. Free WordPress or cPanel site Transfer

Cons of using Hostgator

  1. Their cheapest plan includes installation of popular apps such as WordPress, Joomla, Weekly, GoMobi at just one click, single domain name, free SSL Certificate, extra storage, unmetered bandwidth a complete package needed for a website, but for services such as backup of the website, access to Gmail and SEO tools you will have to pay extra.
  2. Renewal prices are higher.

A2 Hosting

If you need fast hosting services, then A2 Hosting is one of the best options for you, as A2 hosting is known for its fast-speed services. A2 hosting has been in the market since 2001, and it provides services such as WordPress Hosting and VPS hosting. From a simple blogging website to high-traffic websites, A2 hosting provides a high-performance solution up to 20x faster Turbo, which means lower bounce rates and preferable SEO rankings.

Pros of Using A2 hosting

  1. A2 hosting provides the fastest page loading speed of up to 284 ms.
  2. They provide a reliable Uptime of 99.98%
  3. A2 hosting provides free site migration; the number of sites depends on plans. If you choose shared hosting, they provide single site migration, and if you choose Dedicated hosting or VPS hosting, they provide 25 free site migrations.
  4. A2 hosting also provides CMS (Content Management System) and developer-friendly tools, which means you can install WordPress, Magento, Joomla, and Drupal sites easily without needing a developer's help.
  5. To further contribute to speeding up hosting packages, you get a CDN Cloudflare for free.
  6. A2 Hosting gives you an anytime money-back guarantee.
  7. A2 Hosting has partnered with and is helping support renewable energy and reforestation, and they have a green hosting named 'FutureServe'to neutralize emissions from their server.
  8. They have quick customer support 24x7

Cons of using A2 hosting

  1. You have to pay for Domain names as they aren't free in any shared hosting plans.
  2. They have high renewal rates and a 15-day deadline.
  3. Also, you have to submit 15 days of written cancellation before the renewal of the plan.
  4. A2 hosting has restrictions on cheap plans such as 100 GB SSD Storage and a single website; site backups are not included.

To conclude, before you decide to sign up with the services of a specific web hosting company, ensure that the choice you make is compatible with the growth goals of your website.

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