I'm Abidul Islam

I am a Bangladeshi musician. Musician means instrumental music maker. I make many instrumental music. My first project is "Never Mind" and released on international music platform like Spotify, iTunes etc. You can search me on Google for more information. As you know i am an Artist but also a web developer. I am learning programming language.


I’m Abidul Islam, a melodist, who has started his walking of life with music in 2019. I hadn’t took any professional degree from any musical platform. I practiced music in my own small studio. I gradually learnt music in many online platforms. I released many songs on international musical platform such as Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and so on. I believe that with the support and love of all of you I will be a prominent melodist one day.

Digital Marketer

I am Digital Marketer .I promote many digital goods and youtubers videos on social media and other platform .Mainly , I promote via Google Ads , Bing Ads and Facebook ads.


I am a blogger. I started blogging from 2015. My journey in internet was start throw Blogging. Till now now my main income source is Blogging.

Web Development

I am a web designer since 2017. I mention that i started blogging from 2015.So that, I learn Web Development to build my own site I know html, CSS and java script. I have design many website as my practice. But it’s time to work for my clients.


Projects Completed


Cups of Coffee


Worldwide Clients

Since 2015

Web development

have a little dream that I will be become a web developer, software engineer etc. I am try to give the best service for my clients. I know 3 programming language that is html, css & java script. I am learning about python.


I have dream to became a good music Producer.I have been working on music from last 3 years to make my music perfect.

My Projects

I am a Musical Artist and also a Digital Marketer, Web developer and Blogger. I am a new on this services. But I am trying to give the better service for my clients.